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Amanda Bernstein
Full Name Amanda Bernstein
Nickname(s) Lil Oxy
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)

Karl Bernstein (father)
Wyatt Bernstein (brother)
Cleo Bernstein (sister)
Jasmine Bernstein (sister)
Crash (brother)

First Episode Crash Lands
Portrayed By Oana Gregory
Every question's a dollar?

AMANDA: Yes; dollar.

Amanda Bernstein to Pesto

Amanda Bernstein is one of the two tritagonsts of Crash & Bernstein.

She of Wyatt and Crash's three sisters and the eldest sister. Her personality is portrayed as the "hot" sister. She attends a high school nearby Wyatt's school and in "Crash Lands", she was the one who chose that Wyatt would build a doll as his birthday present (which turned out to be Crash). She does not like Crash and holds a grudge against him, often finding plots to get rid of him. On rare occasions does she show feelings for Crash, such as in the episode "Crash Jacked" when she suspects Mel Bernstein|Mel to be the murdered of Crash (while at the time he was being held hostage by The Slapper.) Cleo and Jasmine also have a disliking for Crash. She wants Crash though, secretly.


Amanda first appeared in Crash Lands, for Wyatt's 13th birthday party at Build-A-Bestie. Amanda is also popular over town since when she was a baby she fell down a sewer. She also enjoys the presence of Wyatt.



Amanda shows a dislike to Crash as he is annoying, and constantly tries to get rid of him. Even so, she never thought of killing Crash in order for him to get lost. However, she really wants Crash, as he has a very large penis. (her mother "murdered" Crash in one of the episodes although it was just a misunderstanding).

Wyatt Bernstein

Wyatt, like Crash, is annoying and suffocating although both of them are precious to the family. In the first episode Crash Lands, Amanda shows a loving and caring feeling towards Wyatt (since he is her little brother, anyway). She dislikes Crash more than Wyatt, as Wyatt usually don't make people furious, while Crash the weird and suffocating.

Cleo Bernstein

Cleo and Amanda maintains a good sister relationship, and gets along well and (sometimes) they have similar thoughts. Apart from that, Cleo and Amanda is partially different enough, as Cleo is smart (though annoying and obnoxious) and fashionable while Amanda is popular and also fashionable.

Jasmine Bernstein

Jasmine always cries to get what she wants, so she is pretty annoying and suffocating (apparently all of her family member is) to her/everyone. However, as they both are the same gender, they both get along pretty well.


Pesto has a crush on Amanda which Amanda actually dislikes him since she has her own crush. Pesto is a pest and annoying friend of Wyatt's, which is most likely why she dislikes him so much. Overall, they maintain a half-baked friendship-relationship.


  • In the episode Comic Book Crash, Oana Gregory, who plays Amanda, does her Mika voice from her early appearance in Kickin It.
  • Pesto has a crush on Amanda.
  • Amanda is a cheerleader for her high school.
  • Since Wyatt, Cleo, and Crash, all share a bedroom, and there's only three other rooms in the hallway, one being the bathroom, one most likely being Mel's bedroom, then that means Amanda and Jasmine most likely share a bedroom.