Jaime Andrews
Full Name Kuvnyabzzzck Zrzrydlvizk
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
First Episode Crash Asks Too Many Questions
Last Episode Crash Asks Too Many Questions
Portrayed By Jaime Andrews
Cassie is a minor tritagonist of Crash Asks Too Many Questions. She hates Crash because he asked her several useless and annoying questions, causing her to lose her mind and subsequently lose her job. She comes to the Bernstein house and threatens Crash, but Wyatt tells her that he can get her money to get to her home country, if she leaves them alone. The technique he has in mind being winning a game show called "Crazy Family Awesome time Portland". Since she knows every thing, it seems like they're going to win, but Crash gets one wrong so that he can find out what the game show's punishment is, Which is being put on a conveyor and sent towards snakes, unless someone hits a target with a bow and arrow. Cassie manages to shoot the target, thus getting the prize money. She then goes back to her country, and leaves Crash alone.


Cassie seems to be very kind woman to everyone. When she answers Crash's questions, she gets angry and tries to threaten him. She is very smart and knows all the answers to anyone's questions. When Crash's questions annoy her, she loses her mind and her job.

Trivia Edit

  • She can easily get annoyed by the questions she got from crash.
  • Cassie is a wonderful chef.
  • She really hates crash.
  • She is really smart.
  • She is a parody of Siri.