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Cleo Bernstein
Full Name Cleo Anastasia Bernstein
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 26, 2001 (age 18)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)
Karl Bernstein (father)
Amanda Bernstein (sister)
Wyatt Bernstein
Jasmine Bernstein (sister)
Crash (adopted brother)
Relationships Pesto (one sided relashinship)
School(s) Linus Pauling Junior High
First Episode Crash Lands
Portrayed By Landry Bender

Cleo Anastasia Bernstein is one of the three deuteragonists of Crash & Bernstein. She is one of Wyatt and Crash's three sisters. She's the smart, annoying, obnoxious, and rude younger sister of Wyatt, Crash, and Amanda Bernstein. Cleo is just a year younger than Wyatt at the age of twelve and shares a room with both him and Crash, much to their dismay. Cleo claims that Crash always goes onto her side of the bedroom and before he got his own bed he slept in her doors and slept upside down on her bed handel. Also, to make Crash's new bed, Crash took some of Cleo's matress to create it. She has a fashion line named "CLEO". She is portrayed by Landry Bender.



Cleo thought that Crash is irritating and annoying, and he always causes her project/homework to be spoiled and erased. Cleo hates Crash as much as the other sisters, however, like Amanda, she never thought of "killing" Crash to get rid of him (Amanda said she saw her "murdered" Crash although it was just a misunderstanding).


Cleo and Wyatt has a close brother-sister relationship, as Wyatt always help her whenever needed. Even though he is annoying he is always helpful to Cleo, apart from him being irritating.


As they are sisters, Amanda and Cleo gets along very well. They usually shows their fashion taste and how beautiful they are, although Amanda is the one who is overstate.


  • It has been shown that she can get Amanda to do anything.
  • She seems to own 78 hats.


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