Crash, Wyatt and Pesto join the school wrestling team, run by Coach Urkhart, and Crash plans to actually wrestle against opponents. However, when Wyatt gets kicked off the team due to Crash's antics, Crash tries to help Wyatt get back on with help from Mr. Poulos, who reveals that he was once a professional wrestler, and that Coach Urkhart was his former wrestling partner. Meanwhile, Cleo goes undercover for the school newspaper as a cheerleader in a plan to expose the dark side of cheerleading until she learns from Amanda, the new assistant cheerleading coach, about the benefits of being a cheerleader.


Cole Jensen as Wyatt Bernstein

Tim Lassage as Crash

Landry Bender as Cleo

Oana Gregory as Amanda

Aaron Landon as Pesto

Guest StarringEdit

Danny Woodburn as Mr. Poulos

Chip Chinery as Coach Urkhart