“Crashus Maximus”
Season 1, Episode 17
Air Date

March 18, 2013


Matt Price


Sean Mulcahy

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"Crashus Maximus" is the 17th episode in Season 1 of Crash & Bernstein. It aired on March 18th, 2013. Its your boy crash here

Official overview

After Crash is struck by lightning, he develops multiple personalities, like a caveman, a gladiator, or a southern millionaire.


Wyatt and Crash are working on a report for the Roman Empire which Crash thinks is the Roman Umpire, after goofing off a thunderstorm occurs outside and Crash wants to stab it, but Wyatt warns Crash that "It's gonna stab you!", but Crash, not being very intelligent, gets "stabbed" by the lightning. Crash then comes in as Chef Crash, which Wyatt thinks it is an act. then Crash thinks someone took his gazpacho recipe, and Wyatt tells Crash to stop, but Chef Crash thinks the real Crash is hiding on the roof. Chef Crash then gets shocked by the lightning after holding up the metal cleaver. Then normal Crash comes into the room. Wyatt then thinks Crash is done with his little "game", then Crash turns into Chef Crash again, and then thinks someone also took his trouser cheese. Crash then turns into Caveman Crash and wants to club Wyatt. Crash then turns into a cat and does cat things. Jasmine then comes in and shouts "KITTY!!!" in front of Crash, turning him into a caveman again while Jasmine says "Not kitty..." and runs out of the room. Afterwards, Crash draws a picture of him hunting the family on Mel's last "good wall".

Then Wyatt takes Crash to the Build a Bestie clinic where they find out Crash's chip was fried by the lightning, so the doctor had to order a new chip for Crash. When Wyatt and Crash get back to their room, Crash then gets turned into CRASH MAXIMUS so Wyatt brings Crash to school for his report. Finally, while Crash is getting his chip in, he has a dream about him and his five other personalities with Amanda giving her boy advice.

Crash wakes up on the table next to Dr. Eric, and Wyatt and says "Wow, I've had the craziest dream!"

Main Cast

Cole Jensen as Wyatt Bernstein

Tim Lagasse as Crash

Oana Gregory as Amanda

Landry Bender as Cleo

Aaron Landon as Pesto

Guest Starring

Mary Birdsong as Mel

Amy Farrington as Ms. Harris

Mckenna Grace as Jasmine

Eric Price as Dr. Eric


  • Southern Millionaire Crash looks similar to Harland Sanders, founder of KFC.
  • Crash repeats Dr. Eric; when he says "say Ahh for me", Crash also says "Ahh for me."
  • Crash goofs off about the library and doesn't know what it is, aside from the fact that it's a place.

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