Crash is struck by lightning and develops multiple personalities.


Wyatt Bernstein and Crash are doing a book report on Rome when lightning strikes. Crash wants to stab it with a sword when he goes outside and is struck by the lightning and comes back as a Chef. Wyatt asks Jasmine Bernstein if Crash is acting weird, she says he is always weird and Crash thinks himself stole his recipe. Wyatt accidently tells him that crash is on the roof he goes there and gets struck again he comes back normal Jasmine makes Crash dinner, he turns into a chef again, and another loid noise happens and he becomes a caveman, a cat, a southern millonaire and Wyatt takes him to Build-A-Bestie and the doctor says that his chip is fried and sends him a new one until he turns into a gladiator, Maximus and takes him to school, where he turns into a caveman and destroys Pesto's project a volcano and turns into a southern millonaire and calls a students project a stadium, and Wyatt goes to Build-A-Bestie, and they put the new chip in.


The Crashes include: Crash, Chef Crash, Caveman Crash, Southern Millionaire Crash, Cat Crash, and Gladiator Crash.