Crash & Bernstein is a live action television comedy with puppetry which premiere on October 8, 2012 on Disney XD. Created by Eric Friedman, the series centers around a 12-year-old son, among three sisters, who wishes to have a brother.  Disney XD renewed the series for a Season 2 on April 15, 2013.

As of August 11, 2014, 39 episodes of Crash & Bernstein have aired.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 October 8, 2012 July 29, 2013
2 13 October 7, 2013 August 11, 2014


Season 1 Episodes

# Name Air date Summary
1 Crash Lands October/8/2012 For Wyatt's birthday, his sisters take him to a workshop called Build-A-Bestie, where he builds a puppet named Crash who comes to life.
2 Scaredy Crash October/15/2012 While Crash tries to get Wyatt to overcome his fear of bugs, he must be taken to the doctor to get a shot and reveals he is afraid of needles.
3 Coach Crash October/22/2012 When Wyatt's basketball coach quits due to lack of respect, Crash strictly takes over.
4 Educating Crash October/29/2012 Before Crash goes to school for the first time with Wyatt, he stays up all night watching a prison movie called "Scared Good" and observes how school somewhat bears a resemblance to prison.
5 Party Crasher November/5/2012 After Crash becomes muscular from working out at a gym, he pushes everyone to get in bathing suit condition.
6 Home Alone... With Crash November/12/2012 Before Mel goes to work, she puts Amanda in charge, and she struggles to fix the issues that occur around the house.
7 Motorcycle Crash November/26/2012 Wyatt, Pesto and Crash set out to to get the arcade's record on "Motorcycle Mayhem", but things go downhill when Pesto and Crash get into a huge arguement.
8 Undercover Crash January/14/2013 Crash unintentionally gets into a habit of stealing. When he donates many of the things he takes to a woman pretending to give it to a charity, he and Wyatt go undercover to stop her.
9 System Crash January/21/2013 Crash asks Wyatt to teach him how to use the computer when the power goes out and the family is left to their own devices.
10 Crash Crush January/28/2013 Crash falls in love with another puppet named Lola, and the man controlling her takes advantage of Crash.
11 Shorty Crash February/4/2013 Crash becomes angered when he realizes that he is shorter than average, so Mr. Poulos tries to teach him the advantages to being small.
12 Release the Crashen February/11/2013 Mel forces Wyatt and Crash to play with their new neighbor's son, Gerry. After they notice how odd they both are, the three try to put a stop to their friendship.
13 Cold Hard Crash February/18/2013 After Ms. Lopez, a neighbor Crash is well acquainted with moves away to Alaska, he is left with a large piece of her fortune.
14 Crashtagion February/25/2013 Mel and the other girls fall sick just before Wyatt's camping trip, making Crash paranoid about getting germs.
15 Crash Jacked March/4/2013 The school Bully, Rufus (nicknamed the Slapper), kidnaps Crash and holds him for ransom to force Wyatt to give him his bike.
16 Crash vs. Flex March/11/2013 Crash becomes very jealous of Wyatt when he finds a rubber action toy he used to like, Flex Fletcher, after cleaning out their closet.
17 Crashus Maximus March/18/2013 Crash is shocked by lightning and develops several personalities, such as a chef, caveman, and southern millionaire.
18 Crashlemania March/25/2013 Wyatt and Pesto try out for the middle school wrestling team.
19 Comic Book Crash April/15/2013 Crash discovers Wyatt has been writing and illustrating his own comic book, and asks to be a character in it.
20 Parade Crasher April/22/2013 Crash and Wyatt scramble to complete their hours of community service before seventh grade ends.
21 Crashy McSmartypants June/25/2013 Crash begins dispensing nonsensical advice to bypassers at Roland's newsstand.
22 Monster Crash July/8/2013 Crash buys a trucker hat at a monster truck rally he believes will bring him good luck.
23 Crash Asks Too Many Questions July/15/2013 Wyatt introduces Crash to the "Cassie" voice assistant app on his phone, and he starts asking it bizarre questions. Later on, the real Cassie comes to their apartment for revenge on Crash for getting her fired.
24 Crash the Man July/22/2013 Mr. Poulos puts Crash and Wyatt through a power tool boot camp with him and his friends.
25 Crash on the Run July/29/2013 Wyatt learns of a recall of Build-A-Bestie's models from last year, and Crash must hide from a worker who is trying to take him away.

Season 2 Episodes

# Name Air date Summary
1 The Nosejob Job October/7/2013 Wyatt, Pesto and Crash are kicked out of the apartment and set out to establish a new hangout.
2 Health-o-ween October/14/2013 Wyatt and Crash are frustrated when the PTA implements new rules about Halloween.
3 Crash is Having a Baby October/21/2013 Wyatt, Pesto and Crash are assigned to take care of an egg for one day, though Crash becomes attached to it.
4 Trash & Bernstein October/28/2013 Wyatt is forced to enter the school's strange cup stacking competition while Crash makes friends with a heap of garbage he hallucinates can talk to him.
5 Frat Chance November/18/2013 Crash and Wyatt are accidentally invited to join a fraternity.
6 Action Zero November/19/2013 Crash challenges a beefy action movie star to a wrestling match.
7 Like Father, Like Purple November/20/2013 Wyatt's dad returns from his globetrotting adventures, feeling as though he cannot compete with Crash.
8 Merry Crashenfest December/3/2013 After Crash discovers Wyatt's family doesn't celebrate Christmas, he attempts to create his own holiday.
9 Duck, Duck, Crash July/7/2014 Mel grounds Crash and Wyatt, and they must stay home.
10 Escape from Bigfoot Island July/18/2014 Mr. Poulos takes Wyatt, Pesto and Crash on a fishing trip. When they are shipwrecked on an island, Crash encounters what he assumes is Bigfoot.
11 Monkey Business July/21/2014 Crash consumes a book on how to fix cars and develops an ability to repair vehicles.
12 Flushed in Space July/28/2014 Crash talks his way into a space shuttle and inadvertently flushes himself out the toilet into space.
13 Double-Header August/11/2014 The boys set out to pop Crash's pimple, which grows into a charming head that steals Crash's personality and takes over his body.
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