Yousa daughter gonna call meesa daddy too!
Jasmine to Amanda in Coach Crash
Jasmine Bernstein
Full Name Jasmine Erica Bernstein
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 6th, 2005 (age 14)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)
Amanda Bernstein (sister)
Wyatt Bernstein (brother)
Cleo Bernstein (sister)
Crash (brother)

Karl Bernstein (father)

First Episode Crash Lands
Last Episode Duck, Duck, Crash
Portrayed By Mckenna Grace

Jasmine Erica Bernstein is Wyatt 's cute, adorable youngest sister at the innocent age of seven. She may appear to be all sugar and spice, but this girl`s got a signature scream which echo's throughout the house when she doesn't get what she wants. She is hardly ever seen without wearing a pink dress, and hasn`t had as many appearances as her other siblings. She is portrayed by Mckenna Grace.


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