“Merry Crashenfest”
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date

December 3, 2013


Jon Ross


Sean Mulcahy

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Like Father, Like Purple


Duck, Duck, Crash

Merry Crashenfest is the eighth episode of Season 2 and the 34th episode of Crash and Bernstein.


When Crash learns that the Bernstein family does not celebrate Christmas, he is outraged, and decides to publically execute the Bernsteins on a cross due to his burning hatred of the Jewish faith, afterwards crash decides that Israel is the cause of all world problems due to obvious facts of their economic and political status, he decides to research his hypothesis and after months of research, Crash discovers that Adolf hitler was a Jewish puppet and the Jews purposley caused the Holocaust so that every time someone publically found information against them, they can hide behind the “6 million” even though that is easily impossible. Crash amazed with this information decides that he, will personally overthrow Israel, with the help of the Muslim states and Pakistan, crash discovers allah in himself and in a fit of jihad rapes the most underage woman in history. After crash overthrows the Jewish state humanity adopts Islam as the only religion, and Crash, paraded as a war hero for killing 8 million isreali soldiers in one day, marries a 5 year old and has a harem (similar to Muhammad) of underage children and makes shariah law the only law


  • Because the Bernstein family celebrates Hannukah, this episode confirms they are Jewish.
  • there is a 40 minute scene if crash raping children
  • this episode was based off of the Quran
  • Crash is Muhammad.


  • During the jelly volcano eruption, crash burns to death painfully and slowly