Full Name Tyler N. Blevins
Nickname(s) Pesto
Gender Mail
Date of Birth April 20th, 1999

(age 21)

Eye Color Who really cares
Hair Color look at the photo, brainlet
Family Unknown mother (mentioned), unknown brother (mentioned), unknown sister (mentioned)
Relationships Wyatt Bernstein (best friend)

Crash Bernstein (friend) Amanda Bernstein (one-sided relationship)

Job Leader of the Galactic Empire
School(s) Linus Sebastion Tech Tips Senior High

Season 1 Grade : Sophomore Season 2 Grade : Junior

Affiliation(s) Crash, Bernstein, Admiral Jeff, The Society of the Deathseed
Portrayed By Aaron Landon
Samuel Oliver "Pesto" Banks is a best friend of Wyatt and Crash and has a crush on Pesto. His parents own Apple.


Pesto was nice to Wyatt but he was mean to Crash. Thats all his personality is. He is soulless. 


  • Pesto is played by Aaron R. Landon.
  • Pesto has a crush on Amanda but doesn't know that Cleo has a crush on him.
  • He works at an Arcade because his parents own it.
    • As a result of this, is allowance is paid mostly in token form.
  • He, Crash, and Wyatt once received their photo on the wall of Iconic Arcade for getting the high score on Motorcycle Mayhem (although he wasn't present in the photo.)
  • He is a member of Wyatt and Crash's fraternity.
  • He is characterized as The Possum in Wyatt's comic book.
    • The Possum resembles Rigby from regular show
  • He could possibly have an overprotective mom as in Parade Crasher, he says that his mom made him wear a life jacket.


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