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The puppeteer was doing a puppet show at Jasmine Bernstein's sixth birthday party and one of his puppets, Lola was admired by Crash


With the puppeteer tricking crash into getting him wings and trying to steal a plate from Mel it's shown that he's selfish,greedy,quick thinking, and sly. He is simply like pesto trying to use his bad charms to get a date with the unown women in the Counter ( who might be either pesto's mom or sister or cousin.)

Crash CrushEdit

Crash was fooled into thinking Lola was real. He even bought wings for her and did everything the puppeteer asked for.

Skills He is a poorly skilled puppeteer this is said because when he uses a puppet he moves his to obviously. In the episode he always wanted to play football but Lola says he's a terrible football player.