Tim Lagasse

Timothy Lagasse is a puppeteer, puppet designer, and filmmaker. He earned his BFA from the University of Connecticut. Lagasse acts as a puppeteering consultant, and creates puppet films for stations like PBS, MTV, HBO, and Nickelodeon. In addition to his performance credits, Tim also teaches the art of puppetry, lecturing at the Lincoln Center Foundation and instructing students on modern television puppet techniques at the Puppet Arts Program at the University of Connecticut.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon):
  • It's a Big Big World (PBS): Wartz, Ick, and Greenie
  • Between the Lions (PBS): Arty Smarty-pants and Barnaby B. Busterfield III., others
  • Sesame Street (PBS): Ensemble puppet performer
  • Johnny and the Sprites (Disney Channel): Basil
  • Book of Pooh (Disney Channel): Ensemble puppeteer
  • Bear in the Big Blue House (Disney Channel): Hand shadow performer "Jet Setter Tutter" + ensemble puppeteer.
  • Oobi (Nick Jr.): Puppet coordinator “Oobi”
  • Blue's Room (Nick Jr.): Puppet designer, Polka Dots and Dress Up Chest
  • Allegra's Window (Nick Jr.): Mr. Cook and Tweeter
  • Wubullous World of Dr. Seuss (Nickelodeon): Fox in Socks, Jr. Kangaroo, others
  • The Producers, the Movie Musical Feature: Adolph Pidgeon
  • Keep It Free! (Sundance Online Film Festival): Filmmaker
  • Chappelle's Show (Comedy Central): Puppet coordinator and Ensemble puppeteer, Designed and built "Bobble" and "Crabs"
  • Sundance Film Festival Myths Sundance Film Festival, 6 Trailers for the 2004 festival, Puppet Designer / Builder, Filmmaker
  • Ready Set Learn! (Discovery Kids): Puppet Coordinator, Paz
  • Sizziling Kung Fu Mice Feature Demo (Shadow Productions): Ensemble puppeteer
  • I National Commercial: Strange Goateed Puppeteer
  • A Little Curious (HBO): Puppet Coordinator, lead builder, and lead performer for "Sticky Shoes" short
  • Kermit Channel promos: Stu the Janitor
  • Once Upon a Tree (Animal Planet): Puppet coordinator, Lead performer for Jasper and Bleu
  • Mathmataz (Children’s Television Workshop): Ensemble puppet performer
  • A Show of Hands (Nickelodeon): Creator, writer, lead performer
  • Weinerville Holiday Specials (Nickelodeon): Puppet Coordinator, Coach Loogi and others
  • Nick in the Afternoon starring Stick Stickly (Nickelodeon): Designer for Stick, coordinator
  • Nick Jr. Sings: Designer, builder, and coordinator for "Manners Song" short
  • Imagination Movers warehouse mouse
  • Crash & Bernstein: Crash


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