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Trent Bixby is a minor character on Crash and Bernstein. He first appeared in the episode Flushed in Space.

History Edit

Trent created his own business which lets people go into space. He nearly put everyone on his spacecraft in danger after bonking his head on the ceiling and passing out. He is also in search of unseen aliens and hopes to make it the mascot of his energy drinks.

Personality Edit

Trent is a smart yet tricky man who can build huge spaceships. He is a nice man but likes to mess with his sister. He pulled a huge prank on his sister and Cleo by launching them into space with Wyatt. He is also shown to be very gullible. He once believed Crash was an alien and tried to capture him. Despite this, he is very intelligent.

Episode appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He paid kids to kick his sister in the shins.
  • He won the International Dramatic Speaking Competition 3 times.
  • His motto is, "Take that, everyone!"